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Communication Without Limitation

Jump PTT combines the convenience of a push-to-talk radio with the nationwide coverage of a cell phone, all at a monthly rate that's affordable for any company!

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Push-to-Talk Over Cellular Radios

Get Nationwide Coverage From a
Push-to-Talk PoC Radio

Discover Jump PTT PoC Radio's enhanced features, from our AT&T nationwide coverage, GPS tracking, unlimited channels, text messaging and more. 

Wider Coverage

We use the AT&T 4G LTE network, so distance is not a limitation.

Advanced Features

GPS tracking, WiFi, Bluetooth, apps, text messaging and more.

Lower Costs

Does not require an expensive infrastructure or radio networks.

Rated Tough

Compliant to military standards for shock and vibration.

PoC Radios

The Ideal Solution for Any Industry

These PoC radios offer reliable, nationwide coverage, advanced safety features, and superior audio quality for any industry and vehicle fleet.  

  • Construction
  • Churches and Charities
  • Farming
  • Field Service Workers
  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality
  • Landscaping
  • Limousine and Taxi Service
  • Municipalities
  • Private Ambulance
  • Public Works
  • School Buses
  • Security
  • Towing Companies
  • Transportation
  • Utilities
  • Warehousing and Logistics
  • Waste Management
Field Service Workers
Warehousing and Logistics

Jump PTT PoC Radios



Our Ultra-Compact PoC Radio

$299 $0*

Experience unlimited connectivity for free* with the Jump PTT POC3 – a sleek yet rugged PoC (Push-to-Talk over Cellular) radio designed for today's communication needs. Combined with the AT&T 4G/LTE network, it promises broadband-area nationwide coverage that’s both efficient and reliable.

  • Crystal-clear audio with digital noise-cancellation, even in noisy settings
  • Built tough with an IP67 rating: resistant to dirt, dust, and moisture
  • Long-lasting Lithium Polymer battery offers up to 48 hours of use
  • Integrated with GPS, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi for enhanced connectivity
  • GPS tracking is compatible with our web-based Jump PTT Dispatch application
  • Unlimited channels and call groups
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • NO Long-Term Contracts

Stay connected, no matter where you are. Embrace the future of communication with the Jump PTT POC3.

Now, you can get the POC3 for FREE! Click the button below to learn more about the POC3 and this special offer. 



The Ultimate Handheld PoC Radio

$399 $0*

Unleash unlimited communication potential for free* with the POC5. Designed for those on the move, this feature-packed PoC (Push-to-Talk over Cellular) device connects you via the AT&T 4G/LTE network for nationwide coverage.

  • Crystal Clear Sound: Advanced AI-based digital noise suppression ensures impeccable audio, even in the noisiest settings.
  • Military Standard Toughness: Compliant with MIL-STD-810-G for shock and vibration. IP67 rated for protection from dirt, dust and moisture.
  • Long-Lasting Power: Newly enhanced battery provides up to an impressive 24 hours of uninterrupted use.
  • Connection Features: GPS, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capable. Voice, Video and Text.
  • Integrated GPS Tracking: Features GPS tracking compatible with our web-based Jump PTT Dispatch app for location monitoring.
  • Full Keyboard: Comes with a full keyboard for easy messaging and inputs.
  • High-Definition Screen: Experience vivid live video streaming.
  • Unlimited Channels: No restrictions on the number of channels and call groups you can create. 
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • NO Long-Term Contracts

Discover unmatched communication features with the POC5. Your ideal companion for staying connected to your team, anytime, anywhere.

Now, you can get the POC5 for FREE! Click the button below to learn more about the POC5 and this special offer. 



Professional-Grade PoC Mobile Radio

$399 $0*

Unleash unlimited communication potential for free* with the POCM - an advanced Push-to-Talk over Cellular (PoC) mobile radio. This mobile radio is expertly engineered for crystal-clear communication, immediate group and individual calling, and precise GPS location tracking. This makes it an ideal choice for efficient and reliable fleet management and dispatching.

  • Legal & DOT Compliant: Unlike cell phones, tablets, or handheld devices, the POCM is fully compliant with DOT regulations, ensuring safe communication while driving.
  • Nationwide Connectivity: Enjoy nationwide coverage with the robust Jump PTT 4G/LTE Network.
  • Exceptional Voice Clarity: Experience industry-leading audio quality with advanced digital noise suppression.
  • Instant Communication: Facilitates both group and individual calls instantly, enhancing team coordination.
  • Durable and User-Friendly Design: Compact and rugged build, tailored for ease of use in any environment.
  • Integrated GPS Tracking: Features GPS tracking compatible with our web-based Jump PTT Dispatch application for real-time location monitoring.
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • NO Long-Term Contracts

Elevate your communication capabilities with the Jump PTT POCM, where professional-grade meets practicality.

Now, you can get the POCM for FREE! Click the button below to learn more about the POCM and this special offer. 

* Radios require access to the Jump PTT 4G/LTE network (provided by AT&T) to function.  To qualify for these free radio offers, you must pay for your first and last month of service up front, along with a one-time activation fee and shipping. There are NO Long-Term Contracts. Click on a free offer button above to get full details. 
Jump PTT dispatch

Jump PTT Dispatch

Comprehensive Web-Based Dispatch Solution

$29/month per seat

Introducing Jump PTT Dispatch, a dynamic, browser-based communication and dispatch platform designed for instant voice and video group calling across the nation, complete with GPS location tracking. This application is a game-changer for real-time sharing of text, images, and videos with your remote workforce.

  • Nationwide Instant Communication: Connect with remote employees and fleet vehicles across the country at the touch of a button.
  • Advanced Location Coordination: Utilize GPS tracking and geofencing to manage worker locations, job sites, and deliveries efficiently.
  • Drive Cost Efficiency: Boost operational effectiveness and resolve issues swiftly, leading to significant cost savings.

Jump PTT Dispatch is seamlessly integrated with the Jump PTT 4G/LTE Network, powered by AT&T, offering a comprehensive dispatching and group calling interface. It's compatible with all Jump PTT devices, ensuring you stay connected, coordinated, and in control, no matter where your team is.


Frequently Asked Questions About PoC Radios

PoC, or Push-to-Talk over Cellular, radios are communication devices that use cellular networks (like 4G/LTE) to transmit voice or data, similar to traditional walkie-talkies but with wider coverage due to the use of cellular networks.

Unlike traditional two-way radios that rely on specific frequencies or repeaters, Jump PTT PoC radios utilize cellular networks, allowing for broader coverage on a national scale.

Yes, PoC radios require a specific service plan, much like a cell phone, to access the cellular networks they operate on. Jump PTT offers affordable plans for network access.

Yes, the Jump PTT 4G/LTE service is provided through AT&T, considered to be the nation's most reliable and extensive 4G LTE network. The FCC provides carrier coverage maps that you can view here.

Many PoC radios come equipped with advanced noise suppression or cancellation features, ensuring clear audio even in loud settings. JumpPTT takes it even further with advanced AI-based digital noise suppression.

Battery life varies by model, but Jump PTT PoC radios offer between 24 to 48 hours of operation time on a single charge.

Absolutely! Jump PTT radios come with added features like GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, live video streaming, and even full keyboards for messaging.

Yes, Jump PTT radios are designed to be rugged and come with IP ratings to withstand conditions involving dirt, dust, and moisture. They also meet military compliant standards for shock and vibration.