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Get Our Ultra-Compact PoC Radio for FREE*

Expand your communication abilities with the POC3, designed to keep you connected wherever you are. With nationwide AT&T 4G/LTE coverage, seamless Wi-Fi, and pinpoint GPS positioning, you'll always be reachable. Experience unparalleled audio clarity even in noisy settings, effortlessly connect with wireless accessories, and benefit from a long-lasting battery life. The bright TFT LCD display, paired with a suite of pre-installed Android apps, makes operation a breeze. With enhanced safety features like one-touch emergency alerts and remote control capabilities, the Jump PTT POC3 sets a new standard for entry-level Push-to-Talk over Cellular (PoC) communication.


  • Nationwide Coverage: Superior coverage with the Jump PTT 4G/LTE nationwide network (powered by AT&T).
  • Built-In Wi-Fi: Seamless optional in-building communication with automatic LTE switching when off Wi-Fi.
  • GPS Positioning: Real-time tracking via the Jump PTT Dispatch application.
  • High-Quality Audio: Crystal-clear audio in noisy environments and superior performance for all call types.
  • Built-In Bluetooth: Connect easily to earpieces and other wireless accessories.
  • LCD Display: Bright, high-resolution display with an intuitive GUI menu.
  • Reliable and Durable: MIL-STD-810-H compliant for shock & vibration. IP67 rated against water and dust.
  • Long-Life Battery: Durable 4000mAh battery offers over 48 hours of operation (10/10/80) with rapid charging capability.
  • Text Messaging: Communicate with other Jump PTT devices via text messages.
  • Pre-Installed Apps: Android apps for enhanced PoC services.
  • Stun and Revive: Can be remotely disabled or enabled if lost or stolen.
  • Emergency Alerts: One-touch emergency alerts and calls to enhance worker safety.
  • Unlimited Channels & Groups: No limit to how many channels and call groups you can use.
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • NO Long-Term Contracts

Included with Radio

  • Hand Strap
  • Belt Clip
  • Power Adapter and Charging Cable
  • 4000mAh Li-Ion Polymer Battery

Requires LTE Service: This radio requires access to the Jump PTT LTE service (uses the AT&T Network) to function. LTE service will be set up on auto-pay at $25 per month per radio.


To qualify for this free radio offer, you must pay for your first and last month of LTE service up front (LTE service is $25 per month per radio), along with a one-time activation fee and shipping. There are NO Long-Term Contracts.

Here is a breakdown of your initial cost on a per-radio basis:


One-Time Activation Fee

The activation fee is a one-time charge for activating a new device on the Jump PTT network. For this charge, we will set up your device before we send it to you. You will also receive up to 30 days of personalized tech support.