Jump PTT Dispatch Application (PTTDSP)

$29.00 /month per seat

Advanced Web-Based Communications and Location Management

Jump PTT Dispatch revolutionizes the way you communicate and coordinate with your team. As a web-based application for communication and location management, it offers nationwide voice and video group calling, along with GPS location tracking. Dispatchers can share text, images, and videos in real time with remote workers. Supported by the Jump PTT 4G/LTE Network, this dispatch application is designed for effective coordination and communication within a wide range of industries and settings.

Key Features:

  • Instant Nationwide Voice and Video Group Calling: Quickly connect with teams across the country, whether you need to hold group voice calls or engage in video conferencing. Building dynamic call groups is a breeze, whether by simple list selection or geographically on the dispatch map.

  • Real-Time Video: Enhance your communications with user-initiated video calls from devices equipped with cameras. Share texts, images, and videos between remote users and dispatch, supporting wide-area video conferencing.

  • GPS Location Tracking: Keep tabs on your team with real-time tracking of driver locations and travel routes, complete with time stamps.

  • Geofencing: Define boundaries with geofencing for individuals or groups and receive alarms when workers enter or leave these areas.

  • Safety Features: Prioritize the safety of your team with Emergency Alarms, Lone Worker monitoring, and the ability to remotely monitor audio and video during emergencies.

  • Text Messaging: Facilitate communication by using both free-form and pre-programmed text messages among users and dispatch.

  • Remote Control of Devices: Maintain security and control by remotely disabling (stunning) and reactivating (reviving) devices that are lost, stolen, or misused.

  • Easy Web-Based Access: Run Jump PTT Dispatch on any standard web browser, without the need for installing or upgrading client software. Enjoy the convenience of unlimited simultaneous user access.

  • Pre-Defined and Dynamic Group Calling: Tailor your communication strategy with pre-defined groups or dynamically created call groups, facilitating efficient management of remote workers.

Jump PTT Dispatch is ideal for a wide range of industries where effective communication and coordination are key. From security companies to logistics, hotels, schools, construction, and more, this solution brings a new level of efficiency and connectivity to your operations. Supported by the robust Jump PTT 4G/LTE Network, it ensures reliable, high-quality communication nationwide.

Requires LTE Service: The dispatch app requires access to the Jump PTT LTE network to function. LTE service will be set up on auto-pay at $29 per month per seat.


One-Time Activation Fee

The activation fee is a one-time charge for activating a new device on the Jump PTT network. For this charge, we will set up your device before we send it to you. You will also receive up to 30 days of personalized tech support.